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Mobile Tool Stand - Phase 1

(date: february 22, 2010)

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I got rid of the 2 metal shelves that held most of bench top tools. While these tools were on the metal shelves I had limited access and at times I would bypass them completely because it was too much trouble to take it out, set it up and put it away. So my solution is build individual mobile tool stands so I can roll it around to where ever I want. And the best part is that I could build drawers and shelves under the table so I can store things.

So far this is what I have, two mobile table build mainly with plywood, MDF table top and 2x4 base.
As for the table top I sandwiched a 3/4 inch MDF with 3/4 inch Melamine particle board. I purposely made this table thick so it can withstand the weight of my drill press. Plus I had extra wood from my previous projects.
Here is the base of the table, it is standard dougles fir 2x4 trimmed so the edges are square and not rounded. Then I ran it through the thickness planner to made sure all the pieces are the same. The casters I am using in the picture are from Harbor Freight, they were on sale for $6.99 each. So far I am not too happy with the wheels, when I try to turn I have to put a lot of force to it.


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