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Mobile Tool Stand - Phase 2

(date: march 01, 2010)

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On the metal old metal shelves there were 2 metal containers that organized all the screws. The metal containers looked something like the sliding trays you see at Ace Hardware in the nuts & bolts isle. They work well but it does not match what I have and it takes up a lot of space.  So the next best thing is to build some drawers with dividers in it.

To start off I need to make some drawers, once again I used my Porter Cable dovetail jig. Then I used my dado blades to cut the groove for the dividers and drawer bottoms. And that is what I have in the pictures below, the 4 side of the drawer all ready to be put together.
Next I assembly the drawers like any other, some glue on the dovetails and clamp it until it dries. I also threw in some finishing nails so the dovetails will not slip out. The biggest mistake I made during this whole thing is using the wrong gauge nail in my gun, so it kept on jamming and I did not know why.
Cutting notches for dividers what going to going to be a pain, until I thought of a quick an easy way. I just set my dado blade the right thickness and height on the table saw. I taped all the wood together with painters table like how it is arranged below in 2 different stacks, according to length. I set the fence on the table saw and ran the wood though like I would cross cut a piece a wood, with the help of my Incra miter gauge.
Here I lay out the first set of dividers
And finally the last set of dividers and now I have 20 squares to organize my screws.  I had to make 5 of these drawers so I hope that is enough to hold everything.


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