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Losi LST XXL - Trade

(date: February 09, 2011)

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It is a waste to have a RC car hanging on my wall and not being used. Plus I really hate dealing with nitro engines, it is dirty and smells bad. And that is why I decided to selling highly customized big block nitro Revo.  I got $260 plus a LST2 roller of my Revo.

The main reason I wanted the LST2 is because of its size. I was lead to believe that it is bigger than my revo. After comparing the LST2 and Revo side by side these to trucks are pretty much the same. The only reason it may look bigger is the massive stock tires the LST2 has. With the body and wheels off you can see that the wheel base is exactly the same as the Revo.

I have to admit I was kind of disappointed to see the two trucks to be the same size. The strange thing is that Revo claims to be 1/10 scale and LST2 to be 1/8.

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