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Quadcopter The Build Part 3 - Final Setup

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Apr 09, 2015:
LCD Monitor Mount

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Apr 04, 2015:
5ive - More Upgrades

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Losi LST XXL - Brushless Conversion

(date: February 23, 2011)

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Instead of making my own brushless conversion I thought it would be better to buy the kit Losi made. Plus it came with the 2 speed pinion holder and 25T gear that I need. Here is the thing, the 2200kv motor is more than powerful enough to move this LST. So the 2 speed transmission is eliminated and all I need is the high gear. The high gear combination is 25T pinion and 63T Spur. If you know much about Mod 1 pinions is that the largest Mod 1 pinion made is an 23T. The cheapest way to get around this is to use the 2 speed pinion holder that comes with the brushless conversion kit.

I also took a gamble on buying 2 tower pro servos from HK, and it seemed to work pretty well. Only time will tell.

UPDATE: It did not take long to tell that the TowerPro servos are JUNK. Yes, the servos have failed within a few runs.

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