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Yamaha EF1000 Generator

(date: August 06, 20110)

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I purchased this generator at a pawn in Sacramento for $170

After taking it home I found that there is a hole in the fuel tank, and i was able to repair it with some solder.

I also bought some parts online and end up spending about $40.

I bought:

DC charging cable, Air Filter element, some screws, spark plug and motor oil.

I bought this generator thinking that I would use it at a camping trip in Pismo. I never used it so I sold it on craigslist for $260.

Yamaha EF1000 Generator


Here is a picture of the hole in the fuel tank. Someone used a screw that was too long and punctured a hole in the fuel tank.
Portable AirCompressor MV50


I was told that I could use solder to repair the hole and that is what I did.
Portable AirCompressor MV50


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