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Westin Ultimate Bull Bar

(date: June 12, 2010)

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It was a strange coincidence how I came across the Westin Bull Bar. So the night before I was on google looking for images of Nissan Titans with with off road lights and how other people mounted it. The best looking method that I found is the bull bar.  Then I went to ebay to look up bull bars to get an idea how much they cost. For the cheap stuff I can get a set for about $150 shipped and if I wanted the Westin bull bar it would cost about $350 shipped. I have learn from my previous truck to never get the cheap stuff again because you will get what you pay for. The metal is usually thinner, and the mounting hardware is weak.

The next day I was looking for a new craigslist app for my Droid phone, so it would make is easier to browse the website. But instead all I found are craigslist filter and notification, what it does is it tells you when a specific item that you entered in the filter is posted on craigslist. So as a test I entered Nissan Titan, and then this app started to search all of craigslist with the keyword Nissan Titan.  Near the top of the list I saw, Westin Bull Bar for Nissan Titan.  In the ad the guy left his cell number too, so I sent him a text to see if the item is still available. As you can see, I bought the bull bar and now it’s installed on to my truck.

The Westin Ultimate Bull Bar from Craigslist is used but it still looks like new
Here is a side view of the bull bar mounted to the Titan
A view for the left front
A lower view so you can see the skid plate
Here you can see the whole truck with the bull bar.

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