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NCD 2 inch leveing Kit

(date: January 09, 2009)

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The Picture below is the NCD 2" lift kit that I ordered from ebay. On ebay, NCD had a buy it now price of 89.99, and that is how much I purchased this leveling spacers for. However, on their posting they stated that these spacers are black anodized and that is why I purchased these over some other lift spacers. As you can see in the picture they are far from being black anodized. I went back to my ebay ad and made sure that these spacers are suppose to be black. Not only the pictures are black, it even states that it is black anodized.  So I email NCD the same evening and within hours (keep in mind I emailed him around 8pm)Gary replied back with:

“Hey James,

I'm sorry about the mix up. If you would like to return it I can send you a black one or if you would like, I can refund $20.00 on your PayPal account.

Please let me know, I really do want you to be happy with your purchase. Keep in mind that once they are installed, you can barely see them.

Thank you,

- ncd2000”

I was shocked how quickly Gary responded back. Since I am one who lacks the patient to wait for another spacer to be mailed to me, I took his offer and received a $20 refund.
Nissan Titan 2" Leveling Kit: Leveling kit spacers from NCD

So here is how the Nissan Titan looks like before the 2" lift spacer. In reality the spacer is only 1.2” thick, but it will give the truck at least 2 inches of lift.

I am not sure if you notice how the front of the truck is lower than the rear. The point of this lift is to raise the front up so the truck will sit level with the rear. I think by doing this it will do a few things, other than making it sit level, more weigh will be distributed to the rear because the angle of how the truck rides will change. Typically a pickup truck is lighter in the rear compared to the front, more weight to the rear should increase the amount of traction. And since I was too lazy to adjust my headlights after the lift, the beam is pointing further down the road and that means better visibility. It is not much higher, it will not blind the oncoming traffic.
The install is very straight forward, especially after installing 3 different lift kits in the past to my last truck; this was a piece of cake.
Nissan Titan 2" Leveling Kit: Getting ready
Here is a picture after I removed the struts off the truck. I tried to support the lower a arm with a floor jack and used a wire to keep the spindle from dropping and over extending the brake lines.
Nissan Titan 2" Leveling Kit: Strut removed for the truck
This is a picture of the strut straight off the truck
Nissan Titan 2" Leveling Kit: Stock Strut
And here is the strut with the NCD leveling spacer
Nissan Titan 2" Leveling Kit: Strut with NCD spacer
Before the lift:
Nissan Titan 2" Leveling Kit: Before install
After the lift
Nissan Titan 2" Leveling Kit:  After install
The lift does not make a huge difference but somewhat noticeable. Here are some actual before and after measurements of the truck.
Volant cool air intake -  with gap in the air box
Before the lift I measured from the ground up to the top of the wheel well, 36 1/2 inches high. As you can see in the picture I just rounded up, the actually measurement is about 36 3/8 inches.
Nissan Titan 2" Leveling Kit: Before install
And after the lift it now measures 38 ½ inches high. So you can see here you get at least 2 inches of lift with the NCD spacers.
Nissan Titan 2" Leveling Kit: After Install

Final note:

Since the lower control arm is now at a different angle, a longer bump stop is recommend. Unlike the PRG lift kit, NCD does not include a new bump stop. So I went to Pepboys and purchased a longer polyurethane bump stop for only $9.99. The only modification I need to do was drill the hole bigger where the previous bump stop was mounted. The new hole is not much bigger, so you could reinstall the old bump stop if needed.

The only complaint I have with this kit or with ANY leveling kit is the lack of down travel. The down travel is now limited to the upper control arm because it will stop when it hits the coil bucket. So if you drive over a speed bump too quickly your upper control arm might make a clucking sound when you go down the speed bump.

Have you notices people selling 3”, 2.5”, and 2” leveling kits? Make sure you get the correct one for your truck (its different for 4X4, 4X2, titan, Armadas and etc). For example if you get a 2.5” spacer for my 4X4 titan I might end up with no down travel, and my upper control arm might be resting on the coil bucket all the time, and trust me, that is BAD.

Nissan Titan Upper Control Arm Resting against the Coil bucket with down travel is maxed out
This is an example of how it would look with the NCD control arm. Do you see all the extra room for the upper control arm to go down, if anything it would swing past the coil bucket and hit the springs if your suspension had that much travel.
NCD Upper Control Arm installed to a Nissan Titan
My only solution to avoid any clucking is buying an aftermarket upper control arm, either from PRG or NCD. Right now I am leaning towards getting one from NCD beacuase it is a little cheaper and looks tougher. I know the website posted something different, just email or call them. They will give you a good deal.
Here is NCD's Upper control arm.
website: UCA Upper Control Arms for Nissan titan
Here is PRG's Upper control arm.
website: UCA Upper Contol Arms of Nissan titan

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