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Volant Cold Air Intake - custom cover

(date: January 04, 2009)

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Yesterday immediately after installing the Volant Cool Air Intake I notice a problem. The Air box cover is not sealed. The center of the cover is bowed outward, leaving a huge gap on all four sides. Which defeats the purpose of the “cool air” part of this intake, and will be sucking the “hot air” from the engine compartment.

So something must be done to fix this. This is maybe why the guy on ebay was selling this kit.
Volant cool air intake -  with gap in the air box
Since I have all this aluminum lying around in the house I thought it would be best to use it, plus it would look pretty cool. So here is a picture of how the new cover looks like. It was pretty simple to cut because its mostly straight lines and I could use the original cover as a template too.
Volant cool air intake -  custom cover
I used a ¼ think aluminum to make this cover, it should be strong enough from flexing like the original cover.
Volant cool air intake -  1/4 inch think aluminum
I was lucky to have a role of neoprene at home. Since the original cover used it I guess it was a good idea to use it too. After cutting it out I used 3M’s spray on glue to attach the neoprene to the back side of the air box cover.
Volant cool air intake -  spray mount neoprene on to the cover
Here is a picture of the neoprene glued on the cover.
Volant cool air intake -  mounted gasket
I thought the Volant logo on the original cover looked pretty cool, so I took it off. Tapped two holes and mounted it to the new cover.
Volant cool air intake -  tapping hole for logo
Here is how it looks with the logo mounted on there.
Volant cool air intake -  finished cover
If you looked at the original cover, you will see that the whole thing was no more than ¼ inch thick, and that is including the neoprene. Now the custom cover is almost ½ thick, so I cannot use the original screws because it is too short. Once again I was lucky enough to have some stainless steel screw that are just right size and length. I would rather use cap screws but this is all I had.
Volant cool air intake -  hex bolt
Now the cover created a good seal on the box and no flexing.
Volant cool air intake -  tight seal for the new cover
Since I do not like a mirror finish, this is my attempt to create a brushed look.  I did not have any clear paint to spray on the cover to keep it from corroding, so for now I just waxed it with some Maguire’s paste wax.  
Volant cool air intake -  finished cover
Here is how the Volant intake looks like when it is all done!  
Volant cool air intake -  Finshed Custom air box cover

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