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Xentec HID 9006 5000k Conversion

(date: December 31, 2008)

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My first set of HID kit from ebay, I paid $79 with free shipping. In the past I bought some cheap HID kits from ebay and it sucked. I had problems with lights not turning on and etc. Only time will tell if these are any better.

Xentec HID Kit Conversion from ebay, 2006 5000K

My first impression of this kit was, its tiny!

Xentec HID Kit Conversion - SLIM

Here is a close up shot of the wiring harness, igniter, and ballast.

Xentec HID Kit Conversion - Slim ballest and ignitor

Unlike my other Cheap HID kit, this one fired up right without any problems or flickering. This is defiantly a good sign. As you can see the HID on the Right (driver side) is a lot brighter.

Xentec HID Kit Conversion - Installed on one side and stock on the other side

Good thing the beam pattern is the same so it will not blind the oncoming traffic. I have yet to drive with the new lights so I do not know how much better they are.

Xentec HID Kit Conversion - compared

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