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New Door speakers

(date: December 26, 2008)

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Front Door Speakers

Initially I had taken the Infinity Kappa 6X9 from the F150 and put it on the Titan; however, I was not too happy with the sound quality of the Infinity.  So I went to craigslist and found a guy selling a brand new set of Polk Audio EX 3560 Component set with 6.5 woofers, tweeters and crossovers. I guess it is not too bad for $60 for a brand new speakers.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade - Polk Audio EX3560 6.5 Component System

Rear Doors

Here is a picture of the MB Quart PSD 5.25 Component Speaker set from my F150. Other than lacking bass from the 5.25 woofer, the highs sound crystal clear.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade -  Mb Quart PSD 5.25 component system

This a a picture of the stock tweeter (its more like a small speaker) on the dash. And boy does it sound like SHIT.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade - stock so called tweeters

I put the Polk tweeters in the dash; I got this installation idea from the same guy who built the amp rack. The best part of this tweeter is that it is directional. Meaning most tweeters just point forward (in this case up), and bounce off the windshield. But this tweeter has the funny dome on top of the tweeter to point to the direction you want it to go.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade -  Polk Tweeters

In the front door I have a hole to fit a 6x9 speaker, but I am going to put a 6.5 woofer in there instead. So have to make a plate to cover the hole.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade - stock 6x9 hole

At first I made a cover with some plastic, but I forgot how brittle the plastic I had. After trying to drill the first hole, I cracked the plate.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade - failed 6x9 cover

Luckily I had more scrap plywood and made plates to cover the 6x9 hole.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade - wooden 6x9 cover

Here is how it looks with the Polk Audio Speakers and Crossover tapped to enclosure. Make sure if you run any cables inside the door panel you keep everything thing tucked away. And make sure the window does not hit it when your roll it down. Good luck in running wires front the car to the doors, it was a pain in the butt!! Word of advice, loosen both ends of the rubber wire holder before you try to feed the wire in.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade - Polk crossover mounting locaton

Here is a picture of the stock tweeter on the rear doors. This tweeter sounds a lot better than what was in front. Plus it was made by Clarion.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade - stock clarion tweeter

This is the stock 6.5 speakers in the rear door. It had more bass than my MB quart 5.25 but the mids was kind of muffled in the stock speakers.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade - stock 6.5 woofer

This is the back side of the rear door panel. This was the only place I found to mount the MB Quark Crossover. It is located right behind the arm rest. I used ductape to hold the wires in place.

Nissan Titan Stereo Upgrade - MB Quart crossover

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