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HPI Savage 5T - XL Axle & HD 23mm Hex

(date: February 13, 2012)

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When I started to upgrade the suspension parts I noticed the proline 23mm hex were not holding up. The 2 rear hex are stripped out.


I went to ebay and bought a different style 23mm hex with more side wall support. Unfortunately that did not work either because now the pin broke. I dont know if you can notice the aluminum bulges out a little where the pin goes (left hex). It looks like the side where is starting to give out. That might of happened when the pin snapped.

The next mod is the wide HPI Savage XL axles. I wanted the truck to be a little bit wider and I needed a little more space to use another 23mm hex. And the last reason why I need the extra width is because of the LST shock conversion I am doing. With the wheels a little further out the tires will not hit the shocks at full turn.

Please note: there are only 2 axles cups that would work for the Savage Flux because it uses a larger Dog bone that has a 11mm ball (the stock Flux and XL wide). All the other Savage has a 9mm or smaller dog bone ball.

Here is a picture of the XL axles next to the stock Flux:


Since I had problems with the smaller diameter pins, I will use a larger. So I have to drill out the hole in the XL axle to match.


Here I will be using a CEN Matrix TR 23mm hex that is made out of Steel. The purple spacers are a tad too long so I will need to turn it down a little on my lathe.

The next thing I will be doing is to machine a spacer that goes over the threaded part of the axle. I am hoping this spacer with help distribute the load on to the shaft more evenly and reduce the chance of brakeage.  


Here is the spacer that is thread on to the end of the shaft, and the outer diameter is machined to 8mm which is the same size.


This picture show you the hex without the spacer


And in this picture you can see that space with full contact to the 23mm hex. So in theory I hope it would make it stronger.

Here is a close up of the spacers, made from of 6061 aluminum rods.

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