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HPI Savage TCS Flux 5T - Custom Body Mount

(date: January 15, 2012)

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Preview of the TCS Flux 5T with an unpainted Proline Baja 5T Desert Rat body. In order to mount this body to the Savage I had to make some aluminum body mounts because the stock mount were weak and the rear mounts could not reach.


There is a top view of the TCS Flux 5T with the new front and rear mounts.


I took the plastic body mounts from the Baja 5T and mounted it to a custom aluminum plate is 1/4 inch thick. I could have used the stock body mounts but it was really weak and not strong enough to support the heavyier 1/5 scale body.


The rear body mounts could not reach so I have to make the body post a lot longer. Similar to the front body mounts I use 1/4 inch aluminum to mount the body post.

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