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Ofna Ultra GTP 2 Electric 1/8 Sedan - Purchase

(date: March 02, 2012)

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It has been over 10 years since I bought an brand new RC car from a hobby store. Since then I usually buy used cars online or locally because the value of these cars drop significantly once you leave the store. One of the reasons why I decided to buy the Ofna GTP2 EP new instead of used is the coupon I got from Tower Hobbies, $25 off if I spend $200 or more and free shipping. I got this car shipped to my door for $184.99. Since they ship some of their stuff from the Reno warehouse I got the car in one day.

Ofna cars do not usually hold their resale value very well, but most 1/8 scale cars still sell for about $125 used. And most used cars would need some minor work, new tires and maybe a body. By the time you get those items it would cost more than a new one
Ofna Ultra GTP 2 Electric 1/8 Sedan


This is how the car looks right out of the box.
Ofna Ultra GTP 2 Electric 1/8 Sedan

On Tower Hobbies website they show a picture of the GTP2e with a DP8 GT Touring Car Body. But
when I opened the package I noticed that I got the Protoform 1/8 PF8-GT Clear Body instead.... that worked out perfectly because I like it better.

Ofna Ultra GTP 2 Electric 1/8 Sedan

The body was painted black with a smoke tinted windows. Since I ran out of black paint I had to use some carbon fiber stickers for the rear wing.
Ofna Ultra GTP 2 Electric 1/8 Sedan

I am not very happy with the carbon fiber wrap I used here because it is 10 years old and keeps peeling off. I plan to buy some textured vinyl carbon fiber from ebay to replace it. For the time being here is the carbon fiber rear wing.
Ofna Ultra GTP 2 Electric 1/8 Sedan

So here it is, the Ofna GTP2 EP 1/8 scale touring car with all the electronics:

ESC: Castle/ HPI Blur Mamba Monster
Motor: HPI Torque 2200KV w/ Fan
Servo: Hitec 5955TG Steering servo
RX: Futaba R614FF

This car right out of the box with a 20T pinion and 5S lipo was able to go 60+ MPH. I borrowed a 30T pinion from a friend and clocked it at 77mph. The only problem I was having while going over 60mph was the spring on my shock are not stiff enough and the stock tires ( un belted) ballooning. So on the 77mph run I ran a set of belted tires and with out a body.

Ofna Ultra GTP 2 Electric 1/8 Sedan

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