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"the clearing" Colorado - 2008

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Matrix Projects

>>Part 1 (the truggy)

Part 2 (motor mount)

Part 3 (battery tray)

part 4 (test run)

CEN Matrix TR Arena - FR Edition
The Truggy

(date: october 01, 2008)

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I thought that I was going to be good and sell some of my RC cars that I do not play with. So, I posted an ad on RC Universe to sell both my Xray FK05 with all the parts and etc. Then this guy in Georgia sends me a PM and asks if I was willing to trade everything for a Brand New CEN Matrix TR Arena - Factory Race Edition. Tell you the truth I have no clue what that is..

And the story continues…

I was curious about what this guy has to trade so; I went on to google and search for CEN Matrix TR Arena - Factory Race Edition. After reading a few reviews and message borads, the Matrix TR seems to be a good 1:8 scale Truggy. Plus, Tower Hobbies still sells this truck for $489.99. The only problem is that the truck is a rolling chassis (no body, wheels, engine, electronics, and etc). To sweeten the deal this guy also threw in 3 brand new set of tires, 2 brand new body (1 painted, 1 unpainted), 17mm hex adapters, yellow wing and what ever misc. parts that comes with the truck (clutch bell, shock spacer, manuals, DVD).

Initially I was hesitant about this trade, because I am giving him 2 car with a lot of parts and he is just sending my one. I agreed to trade him because I always wanted a 1:8 scale car. I received the package yesterday and I am glad to have made the trade. Everything came in exactly as he described, basically everything was Brand New!

The next step is to convert the Matrix roller in to a brushless monster. Because of my consent browsing of ebay for deals I have all the electronics need just lying around.

  • Novak HV ESC
  • Novak 4.5 motor with 5mm rotor
  • Hitec 5955TG servo
  • Spektrum Receiver

Here is a pictures of the Matrix TR with all the Gas stuff still on it:

CEN Matrix TR Arena - Factory Race Edition

Even though the Matrix TR is a 1:8 scale truck, it is about the same size as the E-Revo. The E-Revo might look a little wider because I have 1 inch wheel extension on each side.

CEN Matrix TR Arena - Factory Race Edition  next to a E-Revo

As for the CG for the Matrix TR (front), it is defiantly a lot lower than the E-Revo (back). Take a close look at the bottom of both chassis; do you notice the E-Revo is higher?  I assume that the Matrix TR will handle a lot better while the E-Revo would be great for bashing.

CEN Matrix TR Arena - Factory Race Edition compared to a E-Revo

The first thing I need to do is strip all the gas parts on the truck. I had to remove the following:

  • Fuel tank
  • Motor mount
  • Front and Rear brake assembly
  • Radio Tray
  • Servo brace
CEN Matrix TR Arena with out the gas hardware

The next step is to build the battery box, motor and servo mounts.


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CEN Matrix TR Arena - FR Edition

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