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FlipTop Tool Stand - Phase 2

(date: april 24, 2010)

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After building the fliptop tool stand I was too heavy to move anywhere, to before I can continued working on it I needed a mobile base.  Once again I was went to ebay to purchase some heavy duty caster wheels, this time I came across some authentic Colson wheels and not some fake knockoffs.  After building my 4 th mobile base I think I finally got it down and this is cleanest one I build yet, with not cracks or split wood.

I used a lap joint for the 2 ends because it is quick easy and strong. Then I screwed the 2 ends together with two #8 deck screw while the glue dried. After an hour or so, I marked the holes for the caster wheels and use a forstner drill bit to drill out a hole dept enough so the screw will sit flush with the top of the wood. Then I changed to a smaller forstner bit to drill through the wood.  
Here is the mobile base all ready to go.
Now with the mobile base installed it give the table a firm structure and flex free. Without the added support of the flat piece of wood on the bottom, the table skews when you try to move it.




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