Biesemeyer Commercial Fence

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Biesemeyer Commercial Fence

(the table saw rebuild)

(date: August 11, 2007)

Since the fence I have on my Jet table is a little off, I kept an eye out for a new fence system. I was looking for something cheap in price, but only would settle for either a Incra TS-LS, Biesemeter (home/commercial), or Jet XACTA fence.

Recently I found a local Craigslist'er seller a new Biesemeyer commercial fence for $140. This system still sells for $399.99 plus shipping on

This purchase came everything necessary to install: fence, rails, and mounting hardware.

Comparing the difference between the original Jet fence with the new Biesemeyer commercial fence.

As I suspected none of the hole for the rails lined up. I drilled out one of the existing hole on the rails because the Jet table saw used a larger screw. Then drilled one new hole for each of the rails and everything else pretty much came together. Except for one thing, the fence scale indicator. I had to extend the plastic scale indicator to the left, and now everything is prefect and dead on.

After installing the new fence I also replace the steel wings with 3/4" melamine particle boards, and rebuild my router table.

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