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HPI Baja 5B - Traded for a Mac Mini

(date: September 03, 2011)

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Here is a list of things I ended up add or doing to it before I posted it online for sale:

Upgrade Parts:

  • Chung Yang CY29RC 29cc engine with stuffed crank +2 stroke, chrome kit, and copper head gaskets(its reuseable and will not break)- only 1.5 gallons through it
  • Velocity stack
  • Metal Starter Pawl
  • Outerwears Airfilter
  • Uni Air Filter
  • HPI SS Tuned Pipe
  • Larger Fuel Line
  • Integy Rear wheel beadlocks with stainless steel screws
  • Integy Rear shock brace
  • DDM 4600mah NiMh RX battery
  • Brand New HPI Dirt Buster rear tires
  • Aluminum diff case
  • HPI SFL-10 MG steering servo
  • Skyion G82122 Hi Torque Throtle servo
  • Roll Cage Windows

Custom Mods:

  • Sealed Throtle shaft with o-rings and axle boot
  • Ball Bearing brakes
  • Quick Release Roll Cage Tubes - Makes it very easy to work on the baja
  • Deanodized aluminum parts
  • Polished wheel hubs

In the end I trading the Baja 5B for a 2010 Mac Mini w/ hdmi and Dinovo Mini. To me I think I got a great trade, since it only cost me about $300 to build the Baja. And the Mac Mini by itself sells for over $600 right now (Sept 2011).

HPI Baja 5B - Traded / Mac Mini

I traded a HPI Baja 5B for the MAC Mini (Mid 2010 model A1347) and Logitech diNovo Mini.

Processor Type: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2.400 GHz
Memory (RAM): 4 GB
Hard Drive Capacity: 320 GB
Optical Drive: Dual Layer Superdrive
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

HPI Baja 5B - Traded / Mac Mini and Logitech DiNovo Mini

HPI Baja 5B - Traded / Mac Mini

HPI Baja 5B - Traded / Mac Mini - DiNovo Mini



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