Blade 400 & Honey Bee King v2 (Trade)

My current interest is a collective pitch helicopter and one day I came across an ad that had potential. Someone posted an ad to trade for a 1:8 scale truggy. The first thing that came to mind was my CEN Matrix, I also did not want part with it because of all the work I put in to it. Plus the matrix is an amazing truggy and I like it a lot. I thought it would be a shot in the dark if he would trade me for the Blade 400. To my surprise he emails me back with interest, so we email back and forth trying to work up an equal deal. And finally we came up with trading my CEN Matrix with all the parts, 2 bodies, extra chassis, and 2 servos for his Blade 400 RTR without the DX6i radio, and his upgraded Honey Bee King v2. So I ended up trading most of the things I got for the previous trade ( I kept one set of Proline LPR Crime Fighters, A Set of Losi XTT tires w/ yellow wheels, and Cen Aluminum 17mm Wheel Adapters) plus the parts listed below.


  • MG995 Metal Gear High Speed & Torque Digi Servo (2) 19.98
  • CEN Matrix CR-1 Steering Assembly and Servo Saver 3.25
  • CEN Matrix CR-1 Steering Assembly and Servo Saver 3
  • CEN Matrix CR-1 Center Differential w/ Cups & Bearings 5.5
  • CEN Racing Truggy Wheels TR (4) 0.99
  • CEN Racing Truggy Tires TR and wheels(4) 20
  • Hugh lot of parts I purchased from ebay 50 Total 110.72


Cen Matrix TR FRE Nitro
Cen Matrix TR FRE Parts
Cen Matrix TR FRE Parts


January 23, 2009

A week has past and I still have not seen anything in the mail or received a tracking number. The guy claims that the bad weather and being in a small town played a role in the slow mailing service.

After exchanging numerous emails with this guy I received the first of two packages. So far he was honest about describing the condition of the Blade 400. If looked like it was new, if the tail rotor was not scratch I wouldn’t have know it was used.  The Blade 400 came in its original box with the following content:

  • Blade 400 3D PNP Electric Mini Helicopter – EFLH1475 279.99
  • Microheli Co., Ltd Low Profile Landing Gear: Blade 400/3D – MHEB4006LP 14.24
  • Spektrum AR6100 DSM2 ML 6-Channel Receiver End Pin – SPMAR6100E 49.99
  • 2100mAh 3S 11.1V 20C LiPo, 13AWG EC3 by E-flite EFLB21003S 67.99
  • E-Flite Blade 400 Body/Canopy, Flame w/Decals – EFLH1483 20.99
  • 2-3 Cell LiPo Balancing Charger, 0.65A – EFLC3110 19.99
  • AC to 12VDC, 1.5 Amp Power Supply EFLC4000 19.99
Eflite Blade 400

January 27, 2009

A few days later I received the last package, and as promised he sent everything he said he would. However the description and condition of the King 2 was not what I was expecting. According to him the King too had a lot of upgrades and RTF. The only upgrades I found are: brushless motor, esc, and main blades. So I think I was kind of spoiled when I saw the condition of the Blade 400, because the King 2 is far from being what I expected. Plus the King 2 was not setup correctly and I learn that the hard way, with my first crash. I think they guy knew that he the King 2 was not in that great of a condition so he claims he would send me the spectrum DX6i for free. But as of today, I still have not received anything new from him.
  • Esky Honey Bee King 2 129.99
  • 1200mah Lipo 29.99
  • Esky 3900kv Brushless motor 29.99
  • Dynam 25amp Brushless ESC 19.99
  • Esky extra Head 29.99
  • Esky Flybar paddle 2.80
  • Xtreme Fiber Plastic Blade 275mm 6.90
  • Xtreme Fiber Plastic Blade 275mm 6.90
  • 9T Pinion 2.90
  • 11T Pinion 2.90
Esky Honey Bee King 2 & Eflite Blade 400

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