Traxxas Revo 3.3 (Trade)

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And finally the most recent online RC trade, the Losi XXX-T 1/10 scale brushless truck for a Traxxas 3.3 Nitro Revo. It all started with me posting an ad on RC Universe to sell the XXX-T, and as usual I get various offers. Then this one guy from Canada offers to trade his 3.3 Revo for my XXX-T. We chatted on email about details of our trades, and we even talked on the phone. And we came to an agreement that both our items are equal in value, and all we have to do is send each other the package and that is it.
This is everything I sent him, plus one more body that i forgot to include in this picture.

Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis

Close up of the XXXT with the Quark 80B Brushless ESC and Lehner basic XL-4200 brushless motor. This 1/10 scale truck might not look like much but with a 3 Cell Lipo it will go 60+mph and still pull wheelies.

Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis

Some parts

Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis

One week later the UPS guy shows up at my door and asks for $35 to cover the customs fee. Not only I was surprised, the UPS guy was too. He said it was rare that anyone pays for custom fee for home delivered packages. So I paid that guy and I got my package. I opened the box and did a quick glance at all the stuff he promised.

  • 2 sets of tires
  • 2 bodies (one brand new)
  • Imex tuned Pipe
  • Extra springs
  • Extra rockers
  • Shock bodies
  • Stock drive shafts
  • Metal Spur gear
  • Tekno front sway bars
  • 3.3 Revo with the following upgrades:
    • RPM front and rear bumpers
    • RPM front and rear arms
    • RD Racing front aluminum axle carriers
    • MIP 1600 front and rear shiny CVD
    • Lunsford front and rear titanium turnbuckles
    • Proline aluminum steering arm
    • Golden Horizons Alum front/rear Rocker Arms 90T Silver
    • Tekno throttle servo mount
    • Tekno RX case
    • Larger fuel tank
    • Traxxas rear aluminum push rod
    • Imex tuned pipe
    • Traxxas GTR shocks
    • Traxxas rear brake kit
    • Traxxas center diff
Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis
At a glance everything seems to be there. Then I started to examine the truck more closely and notice some problems. The chassis was de-anodized and he did not do a very good job because there are still some blue on some parts. Then I noticed some cuts made to where the steering servo is supposed to be mounted, not sure the purpose those cuts did for the chassis. The engine is sitting too far forward and it’s riding the slipper clutch (it is all chewed up). The air filter is not for the Revo because it rubs against the spur gear (the revo air filter has a slight pinch on the hose).
The de-anodized and cut up chassis

Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis

Look at the slipper clutch, it is all chewed up from the cltuch bell.

Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis

The next day I was able to tear down the truck do see if I missed anything else. I found more problems with chassis, not only was it all cut ups, it was weld in 2 places. The throttle server mount on the chassis is cracked. As for the slipper clutch, there was none! The disc the slipper clutch rides on was gone, so it is rubbing directly on the slipper clutch back plate.
Here you can see the crack and right below it is where it was welded so i might have broke there in the past.

Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis

This is pretty much how the slipper clutch looked like when i took it off the tranny. Other than being all chewed up do you see the problem? NO slipper ring, the cluch is riding on the aluminum back plate and not the steel disc.

Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis

This is the rear end of the revo, other than the broken skid plate and body post do you see the problem? It is missing the aluminum brace to hold all the hing pins in place and not stress the plastic parts.
Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis
This is the aluminum brace that is missing!

Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis

There were other things that need to be changed too, but it would be expected from a used revo. Like a bent push rod, cracked left and right bulkhead, rusted bearing and etc.
Both the right and left front bulkhead needed to be replaced. The picture below shows the more obvious crack on the right side.

Not really sure how he tweaked the rear end of the chassis. As you can see in the picture the rear end is twisted with the left side being lower.

Bent push rod on the front right side, that is why the front bulkhead is cracked too. He must have crashed in to something in the front right side of the truck.

After getting all the parts in the mail I test ran the engine on my work bench. At first I thought everything was great, until I saw a lot of oil all over the air filter. When I took the engine off the truck I notice the oil was coming from under the head.  Then I tried to take the head off to see what the problem is.  The first screw I removed was loose already; it was loose because the hole in the engine case was stripped. Unfortunately that was not the only one stripped. I was hoping I could take the engine apart and just replace the case. But I soon find that it was a lost cause, because the piston sleeve is stuck in the case.

Check out the slide carburetor, what did the pervious owner do to it? Why the side is are grounded all up?
If you look inside you can see nick at the bottom of the ABC sleeve. I think the previous owner tried to fix this  same problem but failed because he was not able to take the sleeve out too. It looks like he tried to press the sleeve out with a screw driver but created a notch on it instead. Because of that, you cannot take the sleeve out because the bottom is too big to slide out of the engine case.

And lastly, someone did a piss poor job on porting the crankshaft with a dremel too. To make a long story short, the 3. engine is junk and nothing is salvageable except the heat sink and screw.

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