Traxxas Revo 3.3 (RC Solutions Roll Cage)

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For the most part I have all the hopups that I wanted for the Nitro Revo, but after installing the Buku rear exiting tuned pipe, I have a problem with mounting a body on the truck. If I trim the body so I can the pipe can fit, I basically cutting off the whole rear end of the body.  Cutting half of the body of is not a big deal except there is nothing to protect the engine if I flip the truck over. So the best solution for me is to get a roll cage. I was lucky enough to find one on ebay that is used and made with quality material. I know you will find a lot of roll cage for sale but there are only a few that can really take the abuse. So I won an ebay auction for a RC Solutions Roll Cage, and according to their website the roll cage is strong enough where you can rest a full size car on top of it.  And of course, nothing you get that is aftermarket will fit perfectly.

Since I have a big block engine with a rear exiting pipe, the roll cage is in the way of the tuned pipe. So I had to cut  part of the roll cage and extend the rear further back so it will fit over the tuned pipe.

Here is a better view of what I am talking about. The blue aluminum is the original roll cage, and the silver what I made to extend the roll cage so it will fit over the Buku pipe.
Here is a front view of the RC Solutions roll cage mounted to the Revo.
A side view
One thing I like about this roll cage is that I am still able to mount the body to the truck.
Here is a view from the rear.

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