Traxxas Revo 3.3 (Big Block Conversion)

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After my numerous attempts to bring the Traxxas 3.3 engine back to life I have failed. First it was the loose engine head, so a drill the head out to accommodate a larger screw. Next it’s the back plate, one of the screw hole was stripped too. Then for some odd reason the engine keeps blowing out the glow plugs.  I spent almost $30 on plug while try various carb setting and nothing seems to work. At the rate I was going through glow plugs, it would cost me more to run that engine than to buy a new one. In the end I found that almost everything on the engine had problems. From the stripped head and back plate screw holes on the engine case, shaved carb, notched piston sleeve, failed porting on the crank shaft, and worn out con rod, this engine was pretty much shot.

So that is how I bought a used LRP Z.28 spec 3 engine on ebay. Unfortunately it was not as easy and dropping in the engine and I will be good to go. There was more to it, I would need a new engine mount, pipe, manifold, and throttle linkage.

LRP X.28 R Spec 3 Engine


  • Power Output: 3.89 hp depending on fuel type, manifold and tubing
  • Useable RPM Range: 2,000-33,0000
  • Engine Size: .28 cu in (4.58cc)
Pre Release Buku Revo pipe set with custom high temp flat black paint
Custom Linkage using the tenko kit
New Era Big Block kit
Buku pipe mounted on the Revo
Buku pipe with a better view of the manifold

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