Traxxas Revo 2.5 – v3 (3.3 conversion)

After test fitting the new tranny on the chassis I needed to mill out a notch for the HUGE spur gear.
Milled the 3.3 Revo Chassis to fit the new Emaxx 16.8 Transmission
Sitting side by side with a 3.3 Gas revo and 3.3 Brushless Conversion Revo.I got all the parts i needed a new 3.3 Revo chassis and 16.8 Emaxx tranny. As you can see below the spur gear is resting on the chassis and will not fit in the hole too well.
Emaxx tranny to big on Revo chassis
I also milled out the two end of the where the two center shaft are mounted because the u joints is rubbing against the chassis.
3.3 Revo chassis with a few milled notch
Now the Emaxx tranny fits perfectly. Next i will remove everything from the original 2.5 E-revo and mount it on the new 3.3 chassis.
Custom battery tray and RX holder mounted on a 3.3 chassis
Here is my heavy duty brace to hold the tranny on to the chassis.
Super heavy duty tranny brace.
I was able to use the center shaft from the rear end of chassis but the front is too short. Even the 3.3 center shaft was too short, so i bought a center shaft from a 16.8v Emaxx. I had to cut about an inch off the other shaft because it was a little too long. As you can see in the picture below the outer shaft that i cut off.
Custom cut Emaxx 16.8 center shaft
Here is a shot of the underside of the Revo with everything mounted.
Brushless Revo with 16.8 Emaxx tranny
Here is a top view with everything installed, i even used the water proof receiver case from a 16.8 Emaxx.
Brushless Revo with Novak HV electronics
This is a close up shot from the front of the truck of the motor and ESC.
Novak Brushless motor shaft just long enough. The pinion is on the very tip
This is the view from the rear of the truck.
Brushless Revo

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