Traxxas Revo 2.5 – v2 (Brushless Conversion)

After my first attempt to convert the Revo to brushless I decided to go strip most of the stock components out; all the electronics and tranny.
The first thing I need to make is a battery holder. I took the same 90 degree aluminum I use for the motor mounts and milled out a pair of battery holders. In the picture below you can see the before and after shots of the batter holder.
Custom milled battery tray
After spend a long time milling the battery holders I stole the battery staps from my Xray sedan and mounted it to the new alum battery holders.
Battery tray mounted on the chassis with Xray battey straps
Over view with cutom battery tray and RX holder
Here is a view of the E-Revo to the right with the 2.5 chassis and my other Gas Revo with the 3.3 chassis. All i need is a EMAXX transmission, with my luck Traxxas just came out with a new emaxx with a stronger tranny. Off to ebay i go for a Emaxx tranny and 3.3 revo chassis.
Comparison to a 3.3 gas revo and a 2.5 Brushless conversion

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