Kyosho Inferno GT (Purchased)








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The same day I got the Kyosho Inferno GT from a trade, I found another IGT on craigslist for only $25. Yes I said $25 and not $250. When I finally got a hold of the guy selling the inferno on craigslist he told me the only thing wrong is the engine and everything else work perfectly. I still cannot believe that someone is actually selling an Inferno GT for only $25. So a few days later when I was back in the Bay Area, I met up with the guy and everything was exactly what he said. If fact he even included the original TX, manual, and misc parts. This purchase might work out better than planned, because my other IGT has a stripped head. And since this engine is dead I will be able to swap heads and get my other IGT running. My plan is to have 2 running IGT, one will be Nitro and the other will be brushless.
This is everything that i got for $25

In this picture you can see a better view of the car.
This is why the engine is dead, the guy broke a connecting rod.

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