HPI Baja 5B #1 (Trade)

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I traded my E-Slayer and some cash for a Baja 5B RTR. At first I thought I got a smoking deal. The trade took place at the parking lot at Walmart around Midnight during a storm (it was about 40 degrees out, raining and with 40mph gust wind). That was my excuse for not seeing what a POS the Baja 5B really was.
I called the guy up the next day and he claims that he is out of town until June for a knee surgery. That was the last time I hear from that guy and I never got my money back.

  • bent shock front shock shaft
  • bent turnbuckle
  • broken clutch holder
  • clutch was worn out
  • brake pads worn out
  • differential case broken
  • transmission case broken
  • steering servo stripped
  • front chassis brace was bent
  • pinion gear was bent (not sure how he did it but it wobbles)

This is the photo he sent my with his phone. The buggy does not look bad until you break it down.

HPI Baja 5B SS

I did a little shopping and here is a list of parts I got from ebay.

  • 5B SS Front Shock Set – $40
  • HPI SFL-10 MG Servo – $33
  • Spur Gear/Clutch Bell set – $13
  • Hing Pin / Brace – $17
  • Scew Set – $26
  • Tranny case / Gear Cover – $5
  • Dog Bone – $17
  • Tie Rod / End Balls – $13
  • Brake Set – $26
  • KM Closed Clutch Brace – $28
  • HPI Aluminum diff case – $20

With the new parts this is what the buggy looks like.

HPI Baja 5B SS

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