HPI Baja 5B #1 (HD Transmission Gears)

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Like always I am a sucker of deals and this time I saw this on hpibajaforum.com a set of heavy duty transmission gears, team chase carb filter and steel reinforced exhaust gasket for $40 shipped. Considering a brand new set of HD gear cost $90 and the Team Chase Carb Diaphragm Filter cost $25, I think this is a pretty good deal.

Too bad I am converting my Baja to brushless, I do not need the Team Chase Carb Diaphragm Filter, and gaskets anymore.

Here is a comparison of the stock gears on the right and Heavy Duty gear on the right.

This is the what HPI claims about the gears:

“New from HPI Racing is a Heavy ¬†Gear for the transmission of the Baja 5B. This gear is precision machined from high carbon steel. With a smoother finish to the teeth and more precise roundness, this gear has less friction for quieter running, increased efficiency and longer life than the stock gear. A thinner profile provides weight savings over the stock gear for quicker acceleration and decreased overall vehicle weight.”

With the gears being thinner they are now 60 grams lighter which mean less rotating mass

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