HPI Baja 5B #1 (DDM CY29RC )

The engine that came with the 5b still runs but not very strong. I was lucky enough to sell it on ebay for $70, and the new owner seems to be happy with it. I guess the engine might not be as bad as I thought.

Here is a video of the old engine:


While I was looking for parts online I came across Dave’s Discount Motor deal of the day page. On that particular day they had a CY29RC 3.5+ HP Engine w/ Stuffed Crank for $169, that is $60 off the regular price. Plus it came with an 8000K clutch, so that is another $30 off because I was planning to get a new clutch anyway. In a way this brand new 28.9cc engine only cost me $139 shipped and in my book, that’s a good deal.

Like all aftermarket parts, this engine was not a straight bolt on. I had to reuse the throttle level from my old carburetor, Remove the exhaust, exhaust cover, and air filter. I also had to cut a part of a mounting bracket on the carb. You could have gotten away with not cutting anything if you have an extra gasket and remove the bracket.

CY29RC 3.5+ HP Engine w/ Stuffed Crank


After run about 1 gallon worth of fuel through the CY29RC engine, take a look at the pictures below to see the scoring on the piston. The engine still runs pretty strong, but I am not sure for how much longer. With the engine in its current state I clock my Baja going 44mph with the following setup:

  • CY29RC with No mods – just the stock +2mm stroke and stuffed crank
  • Turtle Racing 18T pinion
  • Hostile 55T spur (I am suppose to use a 56T but its too tight with the 18T pinion)
  • DDM Dominator V1
  • DDM Silencer

CY29RC 3.5+ HP Engine w/ Stuffed Crank Piston Scoring

CY29RC 3.5+ HP Engine w/ Stuffed Crank Piston Scoring

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