HPI Baja 5B #1 (Baja Skunkworks 2 Speed)

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I finally got a Baja Skunkworks 2 Speed (23/ 51 gearing) and a Python Motorsports Billet Aluminum 2-Speed Gear Cover.

Here is what I traded for it:

IRP Front Turnbuckles
IRP Steel Front Rod Ends
Killer RC v1 Killswitch
Stock radio box
Stock Spur gear holder
and $150

So my initial trade was for the BSW 2 speed for $150 and the Killswitch. After talking with him over the phone he told me he has a PM Aluminum cover too. I was able to work out a deal and trade him the IRP Front Turnbuckles, Steel Front Rod Ends, and Radio box for it. I threw in the spur gear holder because he said he needed one. The gear cover goes for $150 at DDM so this definitely saved me a bit.

With the stock 26 and not 2 speed I was about to push the Baja to 48mph.

Engine: CY 26RC

Pinion: 17t

Spur: 57t

Drive gear: 20t

Tires: Proline Excavator


Here is a video of the Baja doing a 48mph pass:

The only difference now is that I have the BSW installed and changed the drive gear fron 20T to 19T. After getting other people thoughts and experience about the stock engine pulling such a tall gear, this test pretty much proves their point that 23t/51t second gear is a bit too much for the stock 26. The 26 was able to pull the 2nd gear but it took a while to get to speed. And think it could go fast but I would need to start further back.

Engine: CY 26RC

1st gear – Pinion: 17t Spur: 57t

2nd gear – Pinion: 23t Spur: 51t

Drive gear: 19t

Tires: Proline Excavator

purchase Lyrica online Here is a video of the Baja doing a 55mph pass:

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