Harm EP1 (Electronics)

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This is the making of the adjustable front battery brace.
Harm EP1 - Electronics

I re used most of the stock NiMh battery mounts and modified it to fit the lipo batteries. The only thing I had to do is make a spacer to lift the top brace to support the thicker batteries, and front adjustable brace with foam to prevent it from sliding forward.
Harm EP1 - Electronics
This is how the Harm EP1 looks like a ready to run.Harm EP1 - Electronics

Castle Mamba Monster powering the power the 2200KV motor.Harm EP1 - Electronics

Harm EP1 - Electronics
I also used a Castle BEC Pro and CapPak. Harm EP1 - Electronics

Harm EP1 - Electronics
Here is the front disc brakes powered by a 7955TG servo.Harm EP1 - Electronics
It is still missing a few things like the body and mounts but as it sits right now it only weights 14.8 pounds. Harm EP1 - Electronics

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