Craigslist RC Lot (Purchase)

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Once again I found a very good deal on craigslist, but I almost missed it because I had to leave for vacation before I was able to meet with the guy.

About a week after I came back from vacation I got a hold of the guy on the phone and finally met. And this lot of RC cars/heli is as good as he stated, if not better.
This is what I end up getting for $125:

  • Eflite Blade CP Pro
  • Associated Nitro TC3
  • Losi XXX-4
  • Dynamite Tazer 15T ESC
  • Novak GTB Brushless System w/ 4.5R – Brand New
  • Misc. XXX-4 and TC3 parts

I think one of the reasons why he was selling everything so cheap is because the 2 cars and helicopter are broken.

The best parts about this purchase is what I got out of it:

  • Blade CP Pro: (after spending $15 in parts) I sold it for $100
  • Traded the Novak GTB ESC with 4.5R brushless motor for Eflite Blade MSR RTF and Futaba 3PM-FM
  • XXX-4: Swapped some parts from my buggy like: Treaded Body shocks, CF shock towers, Titanium turnbuckles, and Front CVD’s. Then I traded it as a roller on RCU for a Bind and Fly Blade 400.
  • NTC3: I took the engine out straighten out the chassis, replaced the missing front cvd and sold the car as a roller on RCU for $50

All in all, I spent about $150 for everything shown below and some parts to repair the cars and helicopter. And in return i got:

  • $150 in cash
  • RTF Eflite Blade MSR
  • Futaba 3PM-FM radio
  • Eflite Blade 400 BNF with spare parts and wingtote (I later traded only the BNF Blade 400 for RTR RC18T w/ LRP brushed ESC, Stump Puller Motor, Losi Synthesized FM TX/RX, Traxxas Brushless ESC VXL-3s with 3500KV motor, and Mamba 25 ESC with 6800KV motor.)
Blade CP Pro: The Helicopter is in good condition with all the accessories like: 3 cell lipo, charger, radio, and misc spare parts. The only thing wrong with it is the cracked tail boom. Unfortunately the tail boom was super glued to the frame and I was not able to get the boom off. So I ended up breaking the tail boom off and drilled out the hole on the frame where the tail boom was super glued. Now the tail boom has a tighter fit, and does not need to glued down anymore.
Next I have a brand new Novak GTB Brushless ESC with 4.5R motor. This setup was mounted on the XXX-4 but never ran. You can see that it’s brand new because no battery connector was ever attached to the ESC.
I also got a brand new brushed Dynamite Tazer 15T ESC
XXX-4 G+: For the most part this car is in excellent condition except for the missing front CVD and cracked front shock tower. This is perfect for me as a parts car, because I already have a race ready XXX-4.
NTC3: This car was is in the worst condition of all. I think someone crashed this car in to a wall or something because the chassis is totally bent. Plus is looks like it was left outside in the rain because all the screws are rusty and the engine heat sink is corroded. After countless hours of cleaning the dirty car, it was actually salvageable. Other than the bent chassis, bent drive shaft, and leaky fuel tank, this car was fully functional. I put some fuel in the tank and the engine started right up. Even with all the problems mentioned above I was able to clock this car at 50 mph. Of course with the tweaked chassis the handling was not something I would rave about.
Finally here are some of the misc parts that he included. Aluminum servo mounts for the XXX-4, spare CVD shaft for the TC3 and XXX-4, spacers, screws, and rear wing.

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